Knowing what’s good for you.

I know what's good for me, and I am going to assume you know what's good for you too. But, when it comes to love and heartbreak we no longer communicate out of logic or sensibility. I write this post to you because I find myself torn between communicating and not communicating to my ex. Ex … Continue reading Knowing what’s good for you.

I’m not old, just a recycled teenager.

'Age is just a number.' Yes it is ....but with it comes an abundance of labels and preconceptions of how we should or shouldn't behave and where we should be in the 'race' for life goals. I used to have it all planned out, and if you admit it to yourself you probably have too at … Continue reading I’m not old, just a recycled teenager.

A word on healing.

Hello to you, whoever you are... We will all at some point go through loss. It's inevitable. Unfortunately. Some of you may already know I am going through a divorce, a divorce from my 'other half' of 9 years. I am writing this because I feel full to the brim and I feel the only way … Continue reading A word on healing.